7 String Banjo

by Bill Boyer

7String02Somehow I got the notion to build a 7 string banjo, really a 6 string (5 strings with a 6th drone) banjo but with 2 bass strings tuned in unison.  I actually came up with the idea in an erroneous way, I was watching a movie called “Fado”, in the movie there were some Portuguese guitar players, and one of the guitars had, to my eye, a double bass string, I thought that was probably to give the bass string some extra oomph, once I was part way through making the banjo neck, I looked on line but could only find the Portuguese guitars with all strings doubled up, like a 12 string guitar. So I looked closer at the video and found that the image quality made it appear that only the bass string was doubled, but by then I was too far along.  But I do like the sound, check out the you tube clip below.7String01